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Behind the Scenes at Melo's M8 NYC Flight Event

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K1X and Charles Oakley Team Up

The Immortal Charles Oakley has hooked up with K1X to launch the Oak line:

Saturday marked another highlight for our brand new K1X NYC flagship store with the official release of the K1X x Charles Oakley collection. Celebrating the legacy of one of the toughest and down to earth guys in league history, the Oak tree himself was in attendace to introduce the limited edition series to the fans as well as the media. Annoyed by the constant talk about the lockout, the NY basketball media showed up in bunches to hear Charles Oakley speak up – and Oak did not disappoint. After the media session, basketball fans of all ages got their chance to chat with the former Knicks enforcer and get his autograph on the latest Oak tees, sweaters etc.

Check out our(myself, and Spencer Lund) entire interview and video from the event HERE

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EBC(Rucker) vs Goodman League Game

Kemba Walker, Meta World Peace (Ron Artest), JJ Hickson, Gary Forbes
For all of my NY heads, or if your in town this weekend you should definitely stop by Brooklyn this Friday for the EBC vs Goodman League game. Ill be in the house doing my media thing...

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Pics of the Week: Melo at Nas B-Day Party

Carmelo Anthony showed up last night at Nas's Birthday Party in NYC, there are some heavyweight players here:
Left to Right: Melo, Jay-Z, Nas, Steve Stoute, Common, DJ Premier

DJ Kahled, Tyson Beckford, Melo, Jay-Z, Nas, Ne-Yo, Steve Stoute, Premo, Common, AZ

  Assist from @CamelKash
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ESPN 2011-2012 Season Preview

Knickerblogger.net's own John Kenney talks Knicks 2011-2012 season...


Amare Stoudemire on Entourage

Back in January we posted the rumor of Stat appearing on HBO's Entourage, and here is the clip...